Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day with Green Cleaning Solutions

green cleaning solutions - Happy Earth DayEarth Day is good reminder that this beautiful planet we call home is not indestructible. The conditions needed for life to exist are even more fragile. It is vitally important that we make lifestyle choices that will benefit our planet and those we leave behind. Fortunately, we have come a long way in discovering and implementing green cleaning solutions that have a low impact on our water and air.

At Advanced Dry Carpet Care, green is more than a trendy marketing claim. It is a sacred commitment to creating a healthy indoor environment without harming our outdoor environment.

Our green claims may actually cost us business because many assume that green cleaning methods are more expensive and less effective. One potential customer told me, “I don’t care about the green thing; I want you to use your strongest weapons to kill the germs in my home.”

I challenged her by suggesting that the eco friendly chemicals and methods we use for carpet cleaning not only benefit the rivers, but her two-year-old child as well. If it’s harmful for fish, cleaning chemicals are probably dangerous for our children too. I assured her our prices are competitive with cleaners whose chemicals and methods are less eco friendly.

Green Cleaning Solutions Save Water

green cleaning solutions - less waterI asked a local Stanley Steemer representative how much cleaning solution they use in an average home. He told me they use approximately thirty gallons. Imagine your bathtub filled with water. All that goes into the carpets of those using hot water extraction methods (aka truck-mount systems, steam cleaning).

I asked a follow-up question, “How many gallons do you extract?” He assured me they pull up more than half. That means ten-fifteen gallons of water are left behind in your carpet. If you’re lucky, it dries within twenty-four hours. If you’re not so lucky, some of it remains in your carpet and your carpet pad longer than twenty-four hours, risking the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew cause health problems for children, adults and pets. Mold is organic life. It eats up carpet, leaving your carpet stained, smelly and brittle.

A Chem Dry representative I talked with told me they use much less cleaning solution than water extraction cleaners. Where Stanley Steemer might use thirty gallons of solution in a typical house, Chem Dry would use about twelve gallons. She told me carpet cleaned the Chem Dry way is dry in six to eight hours. So, there’s less risk of mold and mildew, but there is still the risk.

At Advanced Dry Carpet Care, we have two green cleaning solutions. Our HOST Dry Carpet cleaning system, uses no solution at all – zero gallons. Our Teri-Towel carpet cleaning system uses no more than three gallons in a typical home. So, very little water is left in your carpet. In most cases, carpet is dry in two hours. So, there is very little possibility of mold and mildew growing as a result of our cleaning.

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Let us prove that green cleaning solutions can be effective and affordable.

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