The HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

HOST dry carpet cleaning logoWe have two dry carpet cleaning methods.

Our HOST Brush System has no dry time.
Our Teri-Towel system dries in 2 hours.
Both systems have given us a good reputation and many repeat customers.

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning

Here is a new video demonstration (3 minutes) showing how we clean rugs and carpet using the HOST dry carpet cleaning method.

The HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning method involves these steps:

  • The rug or carpet is thoroughly vacuumed.
  • We drop a small amount of host sponge material on the area to be cleaned. We call them sponges, but it’s actually organic fiber material that contains a small amount of moisture and detergent. This material is non-toxic and all-natural. It’s 100% plant based.
  • We use the HOST dry carpet cleaning machine, with its counter-rotating brushes to work the HOST sponges into the the carpet fibers.
  • The carpet is vacuumed again, removing the sponge material and the soil that has adhered to it.
  • The carpet is clean and DRY! Spots are removed and will not return.

dry carpet cleaning - green seal certifiedThe HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning system is Green. No waste-water is going down the drain and into our creeks, streams and rivers.

The HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning system has received some of the highest recommendations, such as Consumer Reports “excellent” rating; Washington State High Governor’s Award; and it meets the strictest standards set by the Unified Green Cleaning Alliance.

Call us to see what the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning method will do in your home or business: 707-575-0114 or Contact us online.

See our Teri-towel system demonstrated.

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The HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Method — 3 Comments

  1. Green carpet cleaning method must be followed: 1) minimize wastage of water, by using better and up to date machines; 2)using non toxic solutions which are gentle on fiber ; 3)recyclable bottles and packaging must be used for products and solutions; 4)making use of energy efficient machines

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