Safe Carpet Cleaning – Chemicals and Methods

Safe Carpet Cleaning - TestimonialsWhen using a carpet cleaning professional, it is important to ask about the chemicals they use. The cleaning system they use is also important. There are many carpet cleaning methods or systems available. Many carpet cleaning systems are unsafe for your health, your children and the environment. For safe carpet cleaning, consider the chemicals used and the method.

Most professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction (“steam cleaning”). Examples include Stanley Steemer, Coit and most other truck-mounted systems. This method is fast and easy on the technician. So, it’s profitable. But, hot water extraction may not be safe, even if no chemicals are used.

Mold and Mildew

Hot water extraction systems add gallons of water to your carpet, backing and carpet pad, which cannot be completely extracted no matter how powerful the suction. This can result in mold, mildew and difficult breathing, especially in humid or poorly ventilated rooms. Once mold grows in a carpet or its pad, it cannot be removed. Mold particles and spores can cause health problems, like headaches, fatigue, allergy symptoms, asthma attacks and other breathing problems.

These health problems are avoided using dry cleaning systems.

Safe Carpet Cleaning – More than the Chemicals

Safe carpet cleaning begins with the chemicals used. They should be non-toxic. You don’t want your toddler or dog licking up toxic chemicals from your carpet. In addition, concern for our environment compels us to use chemicals that are safe even after they leave the home. The fish in your creeks and rivers will thank you. So will your neighbors, who share the ground water.

Safe carpet cleaning goes beyond the chemicals to the cleaning system used. The less solution that is introduced to your carpet, the better.

Safe Carpet Cleaning Methods are Dry

Safe Carpet Cleaning - green seal certifiedThat’s why at Advanced Dry Carpet Care we recommend dry cleaning for your carpet and rugs. In carpet cleaning, “dry” refers to the end result, not necessarily the process. Our HOST dry cleaning system uses tiny pockets of all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solution embedded in small sponges, which are worked through carpet fibers using counter-rotating brushes. The sponge material is moist and draws soil to itself as it dries. It is then vacuumed up. leaving the carpet dry and ready for use, immediately.

This cleaning method is “Green Seal Certified.” (Read more) This is also the preferred method for colorful oriental rugs, wool rugs and carpets and other delicate rugs. (More on the HOST method)

Our Teri-Towel carpet cleaning system uses slightly more liquid – about 64 fluid ounces per room. The solution goes where most of the soil lies, near the surface of the carpet. Solution and soil is effectively extracted using thick terry towels and oscillating machines. The little solution that remains is non-toxic and leaves no sticky residue. Carpets and rugs are dry in two hours! (More on the Teri-Towel method)

For those in the California North Bay Area (Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg), we offer DRY carpet cleaning using non-toxic solutions and safe carpet cleaning methods. We’re clean, green and dry! Contact Advanced Dry Carpet Care.

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