Can This Carpet Be Saved?

This carpet needs to be replaced. The previous owner of this mobile home was a 90-year-old man who spilled a lot and could not clean up. Who can blame him? He was doing well to be living independently this long.

The new owners were not ready to replace the carpet and wanted to see if there was any way the carpet could be saved and made tolerable. They were delighted with the results of Advanced Dry Carpet Care’s Teri-Towel Dry Carpet Cleaning system and some additional spot-treatment. Here is the living room and dining room. (Click an image to enlarge)

Another Carpet Saved

carpet stained 1carpet saved 1

carpet stained 2carpet saved 2

Nan, the owner wrote this a week after we cleaned these carpets:

Thanks so much for coming back to “host” the stained areas of our carpet.  They dried much lighter.  I so appreciate your attention to details and knowledge of carpet care.
Our realtor stopped by on the 4th of July and could not believe that it was the same carpet – he thought we’d bought new!  He was very impressed.
Take care, Dave.  We will be in touch when it is time to clean again and will refer you liberally to our friends.

No, we can’t make 20-year-old carpet new again, but we can clean and sanitize the carpet and remove or reduce most spots. Whether you need a carpet saved or rescued, or you just need an opinion, Contact Us.

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