When Is a Spot a Stain?

When is a spot a stain? When we can’t remove it.

We are experts at carpet spot removal. We can effectively remove most spots in carpet and area rugs. However, in some cases, removing a spot will risk damage to the carpet. In that case, we’ll let you know beforehand, so you can decide how invasive you want us to be.

Here are a few spots that we had to pass up… (click to enlarge)

carpet spot removal - not worth it

No, there wasn’t a massacre here. Someone left red hair dye on a ledge over the stairs. The cat was curious and this was the result. A carpet spot removal project became a carpet replacement project.

Carpet Stain Removal - Mold kills carpet

Mold is powerful. This wool area rug was left in a damp garage. Mold grew and rotted the carpet, leaving it stained and brittle.

Carpet Spot removal - mold kills carpet

This is the underside of the wool area rug. Mold had eaten through the rug, making it brittle and torn.

 Carpet Spot Removal – Lessons Learned

  1. When something is spilled on your carpet or area rug, remove it immediately. The longer it remains in your carpet, the more difficult it is to remove.
    The hair dye was probably hopeless from the start, but many spots can be removed if treated immediately. Call us if you need advice – Contact Us
  2. Do not allow moisture to remain in your carpet or area rug. Moisture left more than 24 hours can result in mold. Mold is not just a messy spot. Mold is organic and living. It must eat to grow and your carpet it edible! The odor will permeate the entire rug.
  3. Call Advanced Dry Carpet Care for the best carpet spot removal. We can sometimes come out the same day. With our Teri-Towel System, we use less solution – about 64 fluid ounces in a typical living room. Your carpet or rug is dry in 2 hours in most cases. When we use our HOST Dry-cleaning system, no solution is sprayed on your carpet. Your rug is dry immediately afterwards.

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