HOST Dry or Teri-Towel Dry?

compare carpet cleaning methodsOnce you’ve decided on clean and green dry carpet cleaning, you can then choose between our two dry carpet cleaning methods. Most people go with the Teri-Towel system because is costs less and leaves carpets virtually dry, ready to use in 2-3 hours. The HOST system is preferred by some for wool rugs and other Oriental rugs. Here is a chart for comparing our two dry carpet cleaning systems.

Compare our Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning Dry Carpet Cleaning with the Teri-Towel System

Our HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Our Teri-Towel Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Cleaning Solution tiny moist Sponges ™ – cellulosic fiber which contains cleaning solution Formula of natural chemicals – about 32-64 fl. ounces per room
Soil & Spot Removal Machine with counter-rotating brushes causes sponges to effectively scrub carpet fibers, transfer soil to the sponges. Cleaning solution loosens soil so oscillating machine and towels can extract soil with solution.
Extraction Method Dry vacuuming of the sponge material Natural cotton towels aided by an oscillating machine
Drying Time Carpets and rugs can be used immediately after cleaning Carpets and rugs can be used in 1-2 hours
Environmental Impact All green – plant-based material – from earth to earth. No solution, so nothing goes down the drain. We use green all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions. Less cleaning solution means less solution goes down the drain.
After Effects No moisture. So no place for bacteria and microbes to grow Very little moisture. So little opportunity for bacteria and microbes to grow.
Carpet Life Carpets and Rugs retain shape and colors are restored. HOST is best to assure that colors don’t run. Carpets and Rugs retain shape and colors are restored
Stain Resistance Leaves stain resistance intact Leaves stain resistance intact
Price This process costs slightly more. Good choice for high-end rugs, especially wool rugs, oriental rugs, silk rugs, multi-colored rugs, sisal, jute.
Save: Rugs and Carpet last longer so you save!
Competitive with hot-water extraction services (“steam cleaning”) such as Stanley Steemer and Coit. Save on carpet costs, since carpets last longer.
Recommendations: The HOST dry carpet cleaning system is recommended for high-end area rugs such as wool rugs, multi-colored Oriental rugs, silk rugs and other specialty rugs.
The HOST system is best when you need access to the room immediately (ex. hotels, hospitals, apartments, some families)
The Teri-Towel dry carpet cleaning system is recommended for most needs. It works well on wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs too.
 See a Video Demonstration  HOST Video Demonstration Teri-Towel Video Demonstration

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