Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine for Sale, Cord, Tray, Brushes

Updated May 6, 2017


Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine for SaleThe Host Dry Extraction machine uses the Host micro-sponges and is ideal for cleaning Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other area rugs of wool, silk or other natural fibers as well as synthetic fibers. It also works well with wall-to-wall carpet. Besides cleaning and sanitizing carpet, it leaves the carpet dry immediately and ready to use. Remove the handle and easily clean stairs.

The motor runs smoothly and the machine is fully functional. This is the old Host T6 model, manufactured in 1995, but still in demand around the world. Racine Industries continues to provide parts for the machine.

This is a Counter-Rotating Brush machine (CRB) and it has many uses. Many professional carpet cleaners use CRB machines to scrub up spots and traffic lanes before cleaning with steam (hot water extraction).There are other brands of CRB machines, but these Host machines by Racine Industries are the best. They last forever. To buy the current Host Reliant machine new would cost $2800.

Included with the machine is the tray on wheels (Very Good Condition, no cracks), power cord and a pair of black – stiff brushes, which are for cleaning tile and grout or linoleum floors. They’re also used on concrete or astro turf. The only missing part is the brush guard assembly, but the machine works well without it.

Choice of brushes: This machine comes with the black brushes, but I also have a pair of gold soft brushes, which you can substitute for the black brushes. Gold-Soft brushes are for cleaning silk and wool area rugs and carpet. Let me know if you prefer the gold brushes over the black brushes. Or buy this package and then GO HERE to purchase a pair of gold soft brushes so you have both.

Would you like to see a Host Dry Carpet Cleaning machine in action? Go to my Host Dry Demo Page.

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