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Am I a green carpet cleaner with an old Ford Aerostar?

The 1991 Ford Aerostar met the Grim Crusher

I’m grieving my Ford Aerostar lately. The van served Advanced Dry Carpet Care faithfully for two decades. However, the problems were mounting and major maintenance issues were demanding attention and money. I also felt badly touting my green credentials while driving a vehicle which used oil and emitted so many pollutants into the air.

At the invitation of the state of California, I handed the keys over and consigned the Aerostar to the crusher. I think about that van everytime I see a tractor-trailer carrying a load of crushed cars.

green carpet cleaner Marin County

Here’s the new van with Marin County and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Now I’m driving a new Nissan NV200 and I love it. It gets 24 mpg and I don’t worry about making it up hills. It’s a compact van, but it holds everything the Aerostar held. Plus the new van has air conditioning. I’m traveling in style and can say with more integrity that I am a green carpet cleaner. It will work, at least until I can get my equipment condensed to where a rickshaw will do.

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