What Will it Cost to Clean My Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Not many can say, “money is no object” when evaluating carpet cleaners. For most, the cost of carpet cleaning is one of the most important factors in choosing a carpet cleaner. Advanced Dry Carpet Care is independent and local. We pay no franchise fees. You won’t see Advanced Dry TV ads. We keep our costs to a minimum so we can offer the lowest upholstery and carpet cleaning prices.

carpet cleaning prices

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Carpet Cleaning Prices Santa Rosa compared with California and the U.S.

carpet cleaning prices CaliforniaCarpet Cleaning Prices Source: homeadvisor.com

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Carpet Cleaning Prices Santa Rosa/Petaluma

I called several area carpet cleaners to get an estimate of actual carpet cleaning prices on their most economical carpet cleaning system for a Petaluma home: 1600 sf, 3 bedroom house with a carpeted living room/dining room, upstairs hall and stairs (14). The kitchen and bathrooms are not carpeted. So, about 1200 sf is carpeted.

Here are the phone estimates I was given (March 21, 2013). Note the actual price may be different than the phone estimate. I was also curious about dry time and amount of solution used.

Is Steam Cleaning the Cheapest Way to Clean Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Prices Santa Rosa/Petaluma

  Cleaning Method Amount of solution Dry Time Estimate Notes
Coit carpet cleaners Hot Water Extraction (“steam cleaning”) 25-30 gallons 6-8 hours $200-308 (with current 40% off deal) They can come out in 2-3 days
Stanley Steemer Hot Water Extraction (“steam cleaning”)  1 gallon concentrate + water= 30 gallons. Depends on ventilation, weather, get fans from neighbors, nice8 hours $351 cleaning deodizing, stain removal and protected (Scotch guard re-applied)that’s 10% off
North Coast Carpet Care Hot Water Extraction (“steam cleaning”) 25-30 gallons 2-24 hours $149.95 coupon special+$3/stair+ $30 for rooms over 200 sf.So, $220 They can come out in 1-2 days
On the Spot Chem Dry Chem Dry System – foam 2/5 of what others use, so ~ 12 gallons At least 2 hours $300 for “The Natural” (green seal certified) others are more – for more soil
Green N’ Clean (coupon in Valpak)  Hot Water Extraction (“steam cleaning”)  Didn’t know “Hours, not days.” Depends on carpet & deep-clean Coupon says 5 rooms $89.95+$2-3/stair = $132 + hall They come from Pleasant Hill.
“Deep-cleaning” costs $.25-.55 / sfMany complaints on Yelp
Master Cleaners (Rugs) Rug is dipped in baths  Rug is fully immersed in solution 12-Step Process $5.75 per sfSo $535 for my 9×11 rug. Includes pick-up & delivery (2 men) It takes 1-2 weeks. Cost is lower if customer drops off and picks up rug
Superlative – Novato Hot Water Extraction (“steam cleaning”) Didn’t know 24 Hours $210 (3 BR, DR/LR & Hall)
Advanced Dry Carpet Care Teri-Towel Dry Extraction System 3 gallons 2-3 Hours $185 We also offer HOST Dry Extraction System – Dry immediately

Note: For all carpet cleaners, prices vary depending on the type and condition of carpet and the amount of soiling. The Hot Water Extraction system can remove or compromise stain resistance, so some offer their own stain resistance treatment, sometimes at an extra cost.

Steam Cleaning is Not the Cheapest Way to Clean Carpet.

Also Consider the Cost of Replacing Carpet Sooner with the Mold and Mildew Damage from over-saturation of carpet, a problem many customers of steam cleaners report.

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