After the Fires – Treating Smoke Odor in Carpet

Waltzer Meadows Apartments would have burned down if not for a neighbor who did not evacuate and put out the fire. We cleaned the carpet and treated it for smoke smell.

You made it! You survived California’s most destructive wildfire. That’s something to celebrate, but we know that many did not survive. Thousands lost their homes (I still can’t believe I’m saying that). Thousands more lost days in their home and are just now moving back. The fires have impacted many of my Advanced Dry customers. I’ve heard from several of you who have lost everything. One text stopped me in my tracks: “…we’re safe but house completely gone.”

Here in Petaluma, we only had smoke and anxiety to deal with. And evacuees, which we housed without hesitation in homes, community centers and churches. Some of my church customers converted their buildings to shelters. I volunteered and offered to clean their shelter-related areas for free. So far, we’ve cleaned three churches-turned-shelters.

What About that Smell? Treating Smoke Odor in Carpet and more

Treating smoke odor If you’re dealing with that awful smoke smell in your home, I may be able to help. We’ve had good results treating smoke odor in carpet with Odor Exploder. It’s also good for getting smoke smell out of upholstery and walls. I’ve even used it successfully for getting rid of skunk smell too. I spray the carpet with Odor Exploder, give it 20 minutes to work and then clean the carpet. It’s an all-natural product and does not harm pets, children or big people either. Give me a call if you’d like to talk about that.

Going Forward

I am more appreciative than ever of every morning I wake up in my own warm bed in my own home. I won’t take life for granted. Many of us will never be the same. We’ll never forget the events that began as we sent to bed Sunday night and continue throughout the coming months. I am grateful for the firefighters from our community and those who came from other states too. And the police who notified folks and kept neighborhoods safe. Neighbors watched out for their neighbors. (I posted one such story on my Advanced Dry Facebook Page). Helpers came from everywhere and heroes emerged. I hope this crisis continues to bring us together in our families and  communities. That’s my hope and prayer – that we’ll be better because of this. Let’s make it so. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Dave Weidlich
Call / Text for Smoke Removal from carpet and upholstery in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Sonoma County.


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