Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great and Lasting Decades

Clean, attractive carpet enhances the quality and enjoyment of any room. But, nothing harms the comfort of a room like soiled and smelly carpet. Here are ten tips to keep your carpet clean, looking great and lasting decades.

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Care to Enhance Your Home

1. Vacuum carpet regularly. Not only will your carpet look better, it will last longer. When sand is left in the carpet it will cut carpet fibers. This sand-paper effect will result in greater wear in high-traffic paths. No amount of cleaning can restore carpet fibers that are no longer there.

2. Consider a no-shoes policy. Carpet care begins with avoiding the problems in the first place. Most carpet soiling and wear is due to dirt and oil that is tracked in and transferred from shoes to carpet. By leaving shoes at the door, you greatly reduce carpet wear. Avoid bare feet too. Feet leave natural oils, which will attract soil.

If such a stringent policy doesn’t work for you, at least make sure everyone cleans their shoes with a heavy duty door mat before entering your home.

One of our clients who uses a walker, bought an extra so she has an outdoor walker and an indoor walker. It made a big difference.carpet care - spill - stain removal

3. Keep food and snacks confined to designated areas. I’ll never forget the odor of orange juice gone sour in my bedroom carpet. Sugary foods like ice cream and soft drinks should be especially avoided. It’s not so much the spot they leave as the sticky residue that clings to the soil from passing feet.

4.  Clean spills quickly. Dab and blot the spill with a terry cloth towel. The longer a spill is in contact with carpet, the more it will stain the fibers. Even a spill that is unnoticeable at first, if left, may leave a sticky residue, which will attract soil and darken over time.

Be careful. Using the wrong spot-cleaning method can make the situation worse. At least initially, avoid adding liquid to a spot. It may cause the spot to spread. If in doubt, give us a call. We’ll be happy to advise you on carpet care. If you prefer, we’ll come out and clean it up.

5. Train your pets to relieve themselves outside. You don’t have to choose between your carpet and your pets. Those who allow their pets to relieve themselves anywhere they want are doing their pets no favors. Get the help of a dog whisperer, but don’t give in.

6. Avoid damage from furniture. Use a plastic chair mat under your desk chair to protect the carpet. Did you know sliding furniture across your carpet can cause burn marks in nylon, olefin and polyester carpets? Get help moving furniture.

7. Watch out for the sun. In areas that get a lot of sun exposure, keep your drapes or curtains closed to prevent fading or discoloration.

Professional Carpet Care

8. Have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly, at least annually. The principle here is to avoid leaving soil in carpet for a long time, which increases the likelihood of permanent staining and causes friction, wearing down carpet fibers.

9. Develop a carpet maintenance plan and follow it. When you invest in a car, you make sure the oil is changed periodically. A good plan is to have your carpets professionally cleaned annually and higher traffic areas every six months.

Again, be careful. Some professionals do more harm than good. For example, hot water “steam” extraction carpet care methods soak the carpet, which can loosen the glue on the carpet backing, resulting in stretching and rippling.

10. Remove the hazards you cannot see: dust mites, mold, mildew and other allergens. You’ll breath easier and live healthier. Keep it dry. Dry carpet cleaning systems are best since they leave less moisture. No moisture, No mold.

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