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It never fails – as soon as you have your carpet cleaned, someone is going to spill on it, usually somewhere near the center of the room. Don’t panic and don’t wait.

Spot removal requires immediate action to prevent the spot from becoming a stain. Here are three simple steps for carpet spot removal of the most common household spills.

1. Squeegee and Blot up as much of the spill as you can with a clean absorbent cloth before adding any water or cleaning solution. Why? Adding liquid can cause the spot to spread.

2. Spray a cleaning solution to an absorbent cloth and rub into the spot. This will allow more of the spill to transfer to the cloth. We recommend a non-toxic, all-natural carpet cleaning solution (not dish soap).

3. If the spot remains, spray a cleaning solution sparingly to the spot. Rub it in with your finger or with a brush. Then blot with a cloth. Cotton terry towel works well.

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Tips for Special Needs:

Pet Urine
It is important to blot up as much as possible before adding any liquid such as water or a cleaning solution. Use an enzyme solution to neutralize odor, such as Biokleen Bac-out (available in Whole Foods) or Nature’s Miracle (available in most pet supply stores)

Blot up before adding solution. Ink can easily bleed. Then apply cleaner to a clean towel and blot up the spot. Finally, spray what’s left of the spot.

Candle Wax and Crayon
Ice the spot and then scrape up as much as possible. Then use an iron over a cotton towel to absorb remaining wax. Be careful not to burn the carpet. If wax color remains, use a cleaning solution.

Natural Fiber Rugs and Carpet
Wool is porous and quickly absorbs stains. It also retains water, so use as little liquid as possible. Sisal, jute and seagrass require a dry cleaning solution, such as Host. Ask us about our Host spot cleaning kit.

Red, Red Wine
For red wine spills, don’t delay. Blot first with a dry cloth and remove as much of the liquid as possible. Then add a carpet cleaning solution and blot.

Spots Become Stains
Spots that remain long enough to dye the carpet are called stains. Not all stains can be removed without damaging the carpet or rug. Be careful to avoid over-scrubbing as it can result in carpet fiber distortion. Then you’ve replaced the stain with a hole in your carpet. Leave a few stains as a reminder that we do the best we can in an imperfect world.

Avoid Common Spot Removal Mistakes

Avoid using a sudsy cleaner, such as dish or laundry detergent. This will leave a sticky residue, causing quick re-soiling.

Avoid bleaching the spot, which removes all color and weakens carpet fibers. Avoid chlorine bleach.

Folex? Folex Spot Remover is sold in most grocery and hardware stores and is effective on many spots, but it does leave a residue. Use it sparingly.

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