Cleaning Carpet on a Rainy Day

weather-cleaning carpet on a rainy day-14169278_sIt’s raining and we’re still busy cleaning carpets and rugs.

How is that possible?

With our dry cleaning systems for carpet care, it is not necessary to schedule cleaning on a sunny day. You don’t need to open the windows and pull out the fans. We’re able to continue cleaning carpet on a rainy day. 

Save Water. We simply use less cleaning solution, so there is less that needs to evaporate. In a typical house, we use 2 – 3 gallons of cleaning solution and extract about half of it with our Teri-Towel System. That leaves only 128 fluid ounces of liquid that needs to evaporate into the air. That’s why you’re able to use your carpets and rugs 2 hours after we’ve finished. On a rainy day, give it an extra hour. That’s all. Call us for all-weather carpet cleaning.

Even Better for Cleaning Carpet on a Rainy Day

cleaning carpet on a rainy day - all weather carpet cleaning

I cleaned the lobby carpet of Healdsburg Orthodontics in the morning. They were receiving patients at noon.

With our HOST dry cleaning system, your rugs and carpets are ready to use immediately after we’ve cleaned them – rain or shine! That’s because we only use the moisture that is encapsulated in the organic sponge material we use. Our counter-rotating brushes work the sponge material through the carpet, rubbing against the carpet fibers, drawing soil to the sponges. When we vacuum up the sponge material, your carpet is left dry, no matter the weather.

Compare that to the typical hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning (aka “steam cleaning” of truck-mounted systems such as COIT, Stanley Steemer and North Bay Carpet Care). In a typical house, 30-60 gallons of solution are injected into your carpet. Even with the best extraction vacuums, many gallons of liquid remain in your carpet. If your carpet doesn’t dry quickly (which can easily happen on a rainy day), you’ll have mold and mildew in your carpet, leaving a musty smell and a real health threat.

If rain is in the forecast and you need your carpet and rugs cleaned, call us for rainy day carpet cleaning.

Call or Text: 707-575-0114.

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