30 Years of Dry Carpet Cleaning

dry carpet cleaning history

Passing the Baton – Dan Jones to Dave Weidlich

Here’s a little dry carpet cleaning history – North Bay Area.

June, 2012. After more than two decades cleaning carpets, rugs, tile, sofas, cars and about everything else that got in his way, Dan Jones has stepped aside and passed his business on to a new owner, Dave Weidlich.

Though Dan is retiring from the carpet cleaning business, you won’t find him on the shuffleboard courts. He plans to supplement his experience with training in counseling so he can more ably support men and women in their personal and spiritual growth.

Dan and Dave have worked together several weeks for training, orientation and meeting customers. Dave is committed to providing the same quality of service Dan and his staff have provided over the last twenty years.


dry carpet cleaning historyDry Carpet Care History in the North Bay Area

Dan Jones operated Advanced Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning with Ty Taylor, using the phone numbers, 575-0114 in Santa Rosa and 433-5192 in Healdsburg.

dry carpet cleaning history

Looking for Archie’s Dry Carpet Care?

Dan Jones and Bruce Spannagel operated the business under the name Archie’s Dry Carpet Care with the phone numbers, 526-4407 in Santa Rosa and 869-1550 in Guerneville.

Dan Jones bought Herb Bigeley’s dry carpet cleaning business in Healdsburg, CA. We still have customers dating back to Herb’s business.

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