Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

We offer dry carpet cleaning because it is superior in several ways. It leaves carpet cleaner, more sanitary, colorful and dry faster. Our dry cleaning methods do not damage carpet and it preserves stain-guard and other stain-resistant properties.

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) vs Dry Cleaning

 Wet Methods

Our Dry Methods

Also Known As Steam Cleanng
Hot Water Extraction
Truck-mount systems
Dry Carpet Cleaning
HOST System
Teri-Towel System
Cleaning Solution Uses more liquid; leaves more liquid Uses less liquid; leaves less liquid
Extraction Method Vacuum & Ventilation for air drying Natural Towel (Teri-towel) or vacuuming sponge material (HOST)
Drying Time 24 hours with fans and ventilation Drying time – immediate (HOST)
or 2 hours (Teri-towel system)
Environmental Impact Extracted cleaning solution goes into our storm sewer system and into rivers and streams. steam cleaning is harmful to the environmentOur natural and green cleaning solutions are non-toxic. Less cleaning solution means less solution goes down the drain.
Soil & Spot Removal Can push soil and stains deeper so they return over time Keeps soil and stains near surface so they can be extracted.
After Effects Steam cleaning providers promise “deep cleaning,” which means solution is forced beyond fibers into the carpet backing, resulting in stretching, rippling & loosening of the glue in the pad.
Remaining moisture can host microbes and bacteria
Dry Cleaning leaves the carpet dry in 0-2 hours so there is no remaining moisture. So there’s no place for bacteria and microbes to grow
Carpet Life Steam cleaning and hot water extraction can cause carpet to stretch, bubble and ripple, reducing carpet life. Carpet retains shape longer, lasts longer
Stain Resistance Steam cleaning removes stain guard Leaves stain resistance intact
Endurance Hot water solutions leave water & sometimes sticky residue, which absorbs dirt and stains. Carpets re-soil more rapidly. No moisture or sticky residue, so carpet resists soil and stains longer.
The Bottom Line: Price About $150 – $400 per home
but you may need to replace carpet sooner
About $180 – $400 per home with our Teri-Towel system;
Slightly more for the HOST system
But, you’ll save on carpet costs!

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Ask Stanley Steemer,

“How much water will you be dumping into my living room?”


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