Cleaning Sisal and other Natural Fiber Carpets

cleaning sisal carpet and rugs- Round Pond Estate Winery in Rutherford - Napa Valley CASisal, jute, seagrass, hemp and other natural fiber rugs are finding their way into more homes as people want the natural beauty that surrounds their home reflected in their home. While wool is the original natural carpet fiber, sisal and jute rugs are highly desirable in some homes.

But, cleaning sisal rugs and other natural fiber rugs takes care. Natural vegetable fibers are very absorbent. They will shrink and expand with changes in the humidity. Sisal rugs and other natural fiber carpets can show streaks or change color when water is applied. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning is never recommended for cleaning sisal rugs and other natural fiber carpets.

Cleaning Sisal Rugs

HOST Dry Extraction cleaning is the recommended system for cleaning sisal rugs, sisal carpet and most other natural fiber rugs:

Merida Meridian

Do not steam clean or wet shampoo your sisal rug. Plant fibers are highly absorbent, so when exposed to liquids or excessive dampness, they are subject to some shrinking and puckering. Merida recommends using a dry extraction carpet cleaning system. These dry carpet cleaning systems are by far the most successful method of cleaning all natural fiber rugs. We recommend testing the cleaner on an inconspicuous section of the rug before trying to clean a more obvious area. Such dry extraction carpet cleaners as Host, Capture and others…

Sisal Rugs Direct

It is important to control the amount of moisture during cleaning. NEVER steam clean, wet shampoo or any other method that involves water saturation on a natural fiber rug. It is recommended that a dry cleaning process be used. We carry a Host Cleaning Kit for your convenience. It cleans up to a 250 sq. ft. area. Host is a low moisture powder (they call them sponges) that absorbs dirt that can then be vacuumed away. Host is a great source for cleaning tips: How Host Works in Your Home and Host Spot and Spill Guide.

Cleaning Sisal Rugs in Sonoma County

cleaning sisal rugs with HOSTAdvanced Dry Carpet Care is your one and only HOST carpet cleaner for cleaning sisal rugs and other natural fiber carpets in Sonoma County and North Marin County.

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More Info: How HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning works

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 Cleaning Sisal Rugs in Napa County

cleaning sisal carpet - Round Pond Estate Winery in Rutherford - Napa Valley CAI don’t usually serve Napa Valley, but when Round Pond Estate Winery called for help with their water-stained sisal rug, I had to go. The HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System is the only way to go for cleaning sisal rugs and carpet. The HOST material provides just enough moisture to clean these natural fibers, but little enough so the sisal maintains its original color and shape. I’m wishing I had asked them to throw in a bottle of wine with the deal.

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