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Advanced Dry Carpet Care is a full-service cleaner:

Discount Carpet Cleaning Coupons Sonoma County

  • Carpet Cleaning with our Teri-Towel Dry Extraction System – Dry in 2 – 3 hours
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning with our HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System – Dry immediately
  • Cleaning of Oriental Rugs, Wool Rugs, Silk Rugs and other Area Rugs and Runners and natural fiber rugs (wool, silk, sisal, jute)
  • Pet odor removal
  • Tough stain removal
  • Upholstery cleaning – synthetic or natural fibers
  • Tile and grout cleaning


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Petaluma Mothers’ Club

After being referred to new customers by customers for carpet cleaning in Petaluma through the Petaluma Mothers’ Club Facebook page, I decided to advertise in their monthly newsletter, The Nurturer’s News. After all, when you have toddlers toddling on the floor, it’s pretty important for the floor to be clean. And Petaluma families appreciate that our cleaning materials are environmentally safe as well as safe for children and pets. And who doesn’t want to get back on the carpet by the time the kids are home from school?

Here’s the ad:

Petaluma Mother's Club Ad for Advanced Dry Carpet Care Petaluma

Thanks, Petaluma Mother’s Club (website)


US Coast Guard Special

US Coast Guard Tracen Petaluma-

We are honored to support the men and women of the United States Coast Guard at the Tracen Petaluma station by offering professional carpet cleaning of stairs in housing units when families are moving out. No job is too small. We’ll waive our minimum charge and make this the smoothest part of your move.
Your carpet with be Clean and Dry in 2 Hours. 

$89 Carpet Cleaning
Apartment Stairs Cleaning with Enzyme Pet Treatment
Save by combining your job with a neighbor’s: $75 each

Located just west of Petaluma, Training Center Petaluma is the Coast Guard’s largest West Coast Training Center, providing training for chefs, medics, storekeepers, yeoman, information systems technicians, electronics technicians, and operations specialists.  Tracen Petaluma USCG station is also home to the Coast Guard Leadership Development Center’s Chief Petty Officer Academy.

Advanced Dry Carpet Care is a local, independent, family owned business,
using low moisture carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning in Petaluma, CA.
We’re located in West Petaluma, 8 miles from Two Rock and the Tracen Petaluma USCG station.

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Will a Home Carpet Steam Cleaner Help?

Customers ask, “Will it help if we buy a home steam cleaner for cleaning up accidents?”

home carpet steam cleaners

A customer gave up on their home steam cleaner and called me. These home carpet cleaners are sold by Bissell, Dirt Devil, Hoover and others.

I bought a Dirt Devil carpet steam cleaner when we moved into our brand new home and started our family. This is before I became a professional carpet cleaner. We ordered a carpet upgrade and filled the home with a spotless blue carpet. I thought this home carpet cleaner would help us keep our carpet clean when our babies would vomit or when our little dog would be too finicky to go to the bathroom in the rain.

My first surprise was finding out the machine did not use steam! It didn’t even heat the water. Why would I expect steam? Maybe because the machine was advertised as a “steam cleaner.” My next discovery was that there was very little removal of the offending material. What was removed often got clogged in the narrow slits of the vacuum. The more I passed over the spot, the more water and carpet cleaning solution I was adding to the carpet, leaving a soggy mess.

I tried using my carpet cleaner to clean a whole room of carpet. It was ineffective in removing spots and left my carpet soggy wet. It took a few days and fans to get the carpet dry – and it was still dirty. Some spots that looked clean initially, returned after a week or two. Spots returned.

I also discovered that if I didn’t clean the machine after each use, it got very ugly and smelly. And if I was going through the trouble of cleaning the machine, I might as well just get on my hands and knees and blot up the spot without the machine. It was less trouble.

Why home carpet cleaners are ineffective

Here’s what the Host Professional Cleaners Association wrote in a recent newsletter:

Consumers as well as professionals many times fail in spot removal by failing to prevent spot wick-back. We have been taught incorrectly to start by spraying spot removers directly onto the carpet spot …thus flushing the spot down the fibers and to, or into, the carpet backing. Then as the carpet dries, wicking naturally occurs. The spot reappears. Deep cleaning has not happened…only redistribution of the spot deeper into the carpet to come back again another day.

Avoid These Mistakes

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Or DIY. Read: Simple 3 Step Carpet Spot Removal


Spot Cleaning Mistakes

from the April 2017 Newsletter – Host Professional Cleaners Association (PCA)

Most of the carpet cleaning calls we receive at the factory are about spot cleaning.  Consumers as well as professionals many times fail in spot removal by failing to prevent spot wick-back. We have been taught incorrectly to start by spraying spot removers directly onto the carpet spot …thus flushing the spot down the fibers and to, or into, the carpet backing. Then as the carpet dries, wicking naturally occurs. The spot reappears. Deep cleaning has not happened…only redistribution of the spot deeper into the carpet to come back again another day.

Or stronger chemicals are used to “oxidize” the spot so you will not see that it is still there. What is invisible must not be there?

The biggest mistake that people make in spot cleaning is not keeping the process simple in the identifying and cleaning process (the KISS principle Keep It Simple Simon). The amount of success that they have had in the past directly impacts the type of cleaning chemicals and procedures that they use… which can have disastrous effects. Below is a facility that has used a variety of spotting agents trying to remove the spots in its lobby:

bleached spot cleaning

Note the white spots in this picture. The intended cleaning did not remove the original spot that the “professional cleaner” was trying to remove. As one walked around this 10,000 sq. ft. lobby of this convention center, one saw many spots that were “cleaned”… yet the original spot they tried to remove was still there. In this situation the facility was so frustrated at the inability to remove the spots they began to use spot cleaners that contain H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).  Their idea was to oxidize or “bleach” the spots from the carpet and in doing so they removed the color of the carpet creating a worse situation than the spots presented in the first place.

This and many spot removal problems could have been avoided by keeping the identification and cleaning process simple.

Read: My Simple Guide to Removing Spots from Carpet and Area Rugs


Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine for Sale, Cord, Tray, Brushes

Updated May 6, 2017


Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine for SaleThe Host Dry Extraction machine uses the Host micro-sponges and is ideal for cleaning Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other area rugs of wool, silk or other natural fibers as well as synthetic fibers. It also works well with wall-to-wall carpet. Besides cleaning and sanitizing carpet, it leaves the carpet dry immediately and ready to use. Remove the handle and easily clean stairs.

The motor runs smoothly and the machine is fully functional. This is the old Host T6 model, manufactured in 1995, but still in demand around the world. Racine Industries continues to provide parts for the machine.

This is a Counter-Rotating Brush machine (CRB) and it has many uses. Many professional carpet cleaners use CRB machines to scrub up spots and traffic lanes before cleaning with steam (hot water extraction).There are other brands of CRB machines, but these Host machines by Racine Industries are the best. They last forever. To buy the current Host Reliant machine new would cost $2800.

Included with the machine is the tray on wheels (Very Good Condition, no cracks), power cord and a pair of black – stiff brushes, which are for cleaning tile and grout or linoleum floors. They’re also used on concrete or astro turf. The only missing part is the brush guard assembly, but the machine works well without it.

Choice of brushes: This machine comes with the black brushes, but I also have a pair of gold soft brushes, which you can substitute for the black brushes. Gold-Soft brushes are for cleaning silk and wool area rugs and carpet. Let me know if you prefer the gold brushes over the black brushes. Or buy this package and then GO HERE to purchase a pair of gold soft brushes so you have both.

Would you like to see a Host Dry Carpet Cleaning machine in action? Go to my Host Dry Demo Page.

For more pictures, info and to purchase this machine, go to eBay:

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine (T6) Auction on eBay (SOLD)

Also for Sale:

Host Gold – Soft Brushes for Sale on eBay (SOLD)

Host Black – Stiff Brushes for Sale on eBay (Still Available)



Why Do Spots Return on My Carpet?

Why do spots return on my carpet?One reason new customers give for trying my carpet cleaning services is the problem of returning spots. The question often goes like this:

“When Stanley Steemer (or Coit or another carpet steam cleaner) comes out to clean my carpet, it looks great when they leave. But, within a week or two, spots return. Why does that happen?”

Why do spots return?

I explain that, in some cases, spots return for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your carpet cleaner may have used a spot cleaner that left a sticky residue. Whenever anyone walks on the area that was spot cleaned, soil transfers from shoes to carpet. That area gets dirty faster than the rest of the carpet.
  2. If the spot was caused by pet urine, there may be moisture in the carpet pad, which wicks up to the surface. The wet carpet causes soil to transfer from shoes to carpet. (We can test your carpet to determine if you have moisture deep in or under the carpet)
  3. The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning (also known as “steam cleaning”) shoots water and detergent into your carpet, pushing the soil down into the carpet as far as the backing. Some of that soil is removed when the vacuum suction picks up the solution and soil with it. However, a lot of dirty solution remains in the carpet. As the carpet dries, the dirty moisture wicks up to the surface, causing spots to reappear.
    home carpet cleaners
    This is also a problem for home “steam cleaners” like Bissel or Dirt Devil. Suction is weak on these machines. All they do is add water and detergent to the problem. They don’t do a good job of extraction. They don’t lift the soil out of the carpet.

Read: Host Professional Cleaners Association (PCA) Bulletin on Spot Removal.

Read: Carpet Spot Removal Tips

The more important question goes like this:

How can I get my carpet cleaned so that spots do not return?

No spots return with our carpet cleaning methods

When we clean your carpet, spots are removed and do not return.

The answer is simple. Change the method you use for cleaning your carpet. That may mean changing carpet cleaning companies.

Both of my carpet cleaning systems avoid the problem of carpet spots returning. How? My carpet cleaning does not push the soil deeper into the carpet. Unlike hot water extraction cleaners, we do not add 40+ gallons of water and detergent to your carpet. We keep the cleaning solution at the surface of the carpet, where the soil is. We use towels to extract the solution and the soil with it. Our Host Dry Extraction system lifts the soil up to the surface where it is removed for good. Spots do not return.

There is one exception. If there is moisture deep in the carpet, the backing or the pad (from flooding, pet accidents or using too much spot cleaning solution) spots may return until all the moisture dries. In that case, the best way to get everything dry is to pull the carpet up so that the backing and pad are exposed to air until they dry. If moisture has been there more than 48 hours, there may be mold or mildew too. In some cases, you’ll need to have the pad and carpet replaced.

The best policy is to avoid the problem in the first place. Use only dry cleaning or very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning methods on your carpet. That means calling Advanced Dry Carpet Care. In the case of pet accidents or spills, blot up the liquid as soon as possible. Put a fan on the area to dry up any remaining moisture.

For carpet dry cleaning
or low moisture carpet cleaning
CALL Advanced Dry Carpet Care

(707) 575-0114

See also:

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How We Clean Your Carpet

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Petaluma

click to enlarge

tile and grout cleaning Santa Rosa

More Info. click to enlarge

When you have tile and grout that needs cleaning, like this 1st century BC fresco, don’t trust it to anything but the Host Dry system. No harsh chemicals, no water seeping in to weaken the grout, gentle brushes, effective cleaning.

This fresco was discovered in Rome in 1848. I saw it when visiting the Vatican Museum recently. It is one of eight and depicts a scene from Homer’s Odyssey. Sorry, Rome is outside our service area, but we can clean your tile and grout in Petaluma, Santa Rosa and the surrounding area.

We clean tile and grout floors with the HOST Brush system, without weakening the grout or compromising the sealer. If desired, we can also apply a sealer to keep tile and grout clean longer.

We clean the tile and grout on kitchen counters and walls, bathroom counters, bath and shower walls with steam cleaning. We can apply a sealer to keep counters and walls clean longer, if desired.

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More Tile and Grout Cleaning for Sonoma County & Marin County

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for Your RV

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Discount Specials and Coupons – May 2016:

RV / Motorhome / Fifth Wheel Cleaning

It’s the season for camping. So why not start off with a clean RV?

carpet cleaning coupons and discounts - RVWe can clean the carpet in your RV, Fifth Wheel or Trailer with our very low moisture (VLM) system leaving your carpet dry and ready to use in 2 hours. We can also clean your dinette seats and couch with steam or hot water extraction. Bring it to us or we can come to your place. Do it all and save money. Here’s the math:

Carpet Cleaning: $185
Couch Cleaning: $99
Dinette Set: $99

Total: $383 $299 with coupon

Offer good for residential and commercial carpet cleaning customers in the North Bay Area only – Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Novato… from San Rafael to Windsor, Sonoma to Bodega Bay.


Cleaning Your RV, Motorhome or Fifth Wheel

How We Clean Your Carpet

See a Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Costs.

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Advanced Dry Carpet Care is a full-service cleaner:

Discount Carpet Cleaning Coupons Sonoma County

  • Carpet Cleaning with our Teri-Towel Dry Extraction System – Dry in 2-3 hours
  • Carpet Cleaning with our HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System – Dry immediately
  • Cleaning of Oriental Rugs, Wool Rugs, Silk Rugs and other Area Rugs and Runners and natural fiber rugs (wool, silk, sisal, jute)
  • Pet odor removal
  • Tough stain removal
  • Upholstery cleaning – synthetic or natural fibers
  • Tile and grout cleaning

Read Green Carpet Cleaning.
Read How We Clean Your Carpet
See a Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Costs.


Your Carpet Warranty

What Good is a Carpet Warranty?

Anyone who attempts to make a warranty claim quickly finds out that a warranty is more of a marketing tool than a consumer-protection tool. Many normal-use defects are either excluded from the warranty or it can even void a warranty. Look for the exclusions in your carpet warranty. You’ll likely find your complaint included in the exclusions. Here are some of the carpet problems NOT COVERED in carpet manufacturer Shaw’s warranty brochure:

Common Exclusions:

  • Matting and crushing is excluded (high traffic areas, furniture dents).
  • Pet feces and vomit are excluded.
  • Any urine stain other than pet.
  • Odor resulting from the covered pet urine stain is excluded.
  • Failure to follow recommended carpet care and cleaning instructions described in this booklet may result in damage to your carpet that will not be covered by your warranty.

The Big Disclaimer:

“PLEASE NOTE: NO CARPET IS ABSOLUTELY STAIN PROOF. While your Shaw carpet is inherently stain resistant, some staining may still occur, especially over time and in high-traffic areas. These carpets will enhance your ability to clean up stains, not prevent stains. Depending on the type of substance causing the stain, removal may require substantial repeated cleanings, and some stains may not be removable.”
(quote from Shaw Floors Carpet Warranty Information brochure)

Still, carpet warranties are valuable. They give you an idea of what you can expect from your carpet, such as what can be cleaned and what cannot be cleaned. And they provide carpet maintenance recommendations (or requirements) which, in addition to satisfying warranty requirements, show you how to preserve the look and performance of your carpet.

Clean Spots and Spills Immediately

Here is what Shaw recommends for attending to spots, spills and stains in your carpet:

  1. Cleaning-Carpet-Spills-Shaw Carpet WarrantyScrape:
    Remove as much of food spills as possible by scraping gently with a spoon or dull knife.
  2. Absorb:
    Absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting repeatedly with white paper or cloth towels.
  3. Blot:
    Always blot; never rub or scrub abrasively, as a
    fuzzy area may result. When blotting, work from the outer edge in toward the center of the spot to avoid spreading the spill.
  4. Rinse:
    Always follow up with water to remove detergent residue that may become sticky and cause rapid resoiling.
  5. Weight:
    Remove remaining moisture by placing several layers of white towels over the spot and weigh them down with a heavy object that will not transfer color, such as a plastic jug of water.

Note: Our Teri-Towel System employs this process with all of your carpet, not just spots. Our towels blot up the cleaning solution and soil. Our machines provide weight and appropriate agitation to facilitate blotting.

Periodic Professional Carpet Cleaning – every 6-24 Months

Regular dry vacuuming is the most important way to maintain the beauty and performance of your carpet. In addition, it is important to clean up spills, spots and stains immediately. After that, the most important way to maintain your carpet is periodic professional carpet cleaning, at least every 2 years and more often if there are pets, children or high traffic. (In my experience, the blame for dirty carpet usually goes to 1) pets, 2) husbands 🙂 and 3) kids/grand-kids. Husbands – according to their wives – are messy)

Shaw recommends:

“Periodic professional cleaning of the overall carpet is highly recommended. The frequency of overall cleaning may vary depending on the level and type of traffic and the conditions to which your carpet is exposed. This may range from as little as 6 months to 24 months between cleanings. Your carpet should be properly cleaned at least once every 24 months to maintain its appearance and useful life.”

Keep your carpet cleaning receipts. They are necessary to show the manufacturer that you’ve actively maintained your carpet. If you lose your receipt and you use Advanced Dry Carpet Care, don’t worry. I can usually provide you with a copy.

Question: What method of carpet cleaning do carpet manufacturers recommend?

Mohawk and Shaw recommend only hot water extraction (also called “steam cleaning”). Why don’t they recommend Host Dry Extraction carpet cleaning or Advanced Dry’s Teri-Towel System? These systems are not available in most areas of the U.S.

Steam Cleaning (actually “hot water extraction”) is the most common and best known method for cleaning carpet, but this method is not without problems. For example, an inexperienced or careless carpet cleaner can damage your carpet and pad significantly by using too much water or too much detergent (leaving sticky residue) or failing to extract water. Many customers have turned to Advanced Dry Carpet Care after nightmare experiences of spots returning and water remaining in carpet after a day, resulting in mold and mildew, which you can be sure is not covered by the carpet warranty.

Our Teri-Towel System uses hot water extraction. We use only 2-3 gallons in a typical home, rather than the 50-70 gallons used by most hot water extraction cleaners. See Save Water – Time to Try Dry

The irony is “steam cleaning” does not employ the carpet cleaning process that Shaw recommends for cleaning spills, spots and stains. Hot water extraction systems (aka “steam cleaners”) do not blot up soil. They extract with vacuum suction – only after adding tremendous (and unnecessary) amounts of cleaning solution and water. We blot up the soil and solution with our super-thick Teri-Towels and 60 pound oscillating machines. It’s a better clean. Spots do not return. And you can return to your carpeted rooms in 2-3 hours!

Read More:

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Three Ways to Wreck Your Carpet

Find Your Carpet Warranty

To view and print your carpet warranty brochure, click on the following links:

Shaw Industries, Inc.:

Mohawk Industries, Inc.:

Fabrica Fine Carpets & Rugs: